Political biography

I firmly believe that, to remain effective as a change agent it is essential to be unceasingly proactive and fully immersed in everything to do with the matter-at-hand, Neil Barnfather, agent for change.

Through both his businesses and his efforts to achieve parity for the disabled community, Neil has engaged the political and corporate sectors at the highest level to discuss education and welfare reform, as well as deeper societal integration. With this immersion – and in conjunction with the drive and determination that has seen him launch more than nineteen successful ventures – he has forged an active role in the discussion of economic, fiscal, home and foreign policies at a national level.

It is his continuous engagement in both commercial and political events and activities, along with a strong desire for change, which continues to shape Neil’s political, entrepreneurial and altruistic endeavours.

Political commentator

I believe real change is about people rather than policy, Neil Barnfather, political commentator.

Picture of Neil discussing entrepreneurial, economic and aspirational topics, as well as the public’s perception of the disabled with David Cameron on Monday, 11 March 2013, Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes.

Neil is actively involved in the political arena, and has adopted a no-nonsense policy across both business and politics. He recognises political engagement as key to bring about change on any manner of levels, to influence and give perspective. As a result he donates a great deal of time to attend events, engage with, and stay abreast with financial and fiscal policy in addition to his work building an international platform in support of disability awareness and new business growth.