Disabilities awareness

Being disabled myself gives me a distinct understanding born of experience which cannot be learnt, Neil Barnfather, disabilities advocate.

Are you fully inclusive? How does your website appear to a blind person? Are you losing customers through inadvertently non-inclusive communications? Are you truly up to standard when it comes to taking care of disabled employees? Are you at risk of an unexpected lawsuit?

Enable yourself to focus on your core business

Test accessibility and solve your access issues! Ensure you are compliant in terms of:

  • On and offline communications
  • Physical and environmental requirements
  • Recruitment and retention

Direct customer experience and interaction

Neil believes that for customers to feel engaged, involved and committed, they must understand who you are, what you stand for, and, what this offering means to them.

Employee rights

Having been involved in the operation of nineteen ventures, Neil is able to not only understand and provide legal advise, but, he is also able to promote a sense of direction for many aspects of corporate responsibility, governance and leadership.

Policy and procedures

Having served on the boards of numerous businesses, set up nineteen of his own, and, served as an non-executive director at many other firms, Neil is able to offer his keen instincts, knowledge and experience in terms of aiding in the production of policy, strategy and practice guidance for businesses and their staff alike.

Alpha-Beta product and service testing

Neil is an experienced tester, with an extensive background as a diagnostic engineer. He is able to work with companies and organisations globally to provide them with the invaluable consultation on accessibility and inclusion they require. With a focus on Apple’s iOS and OS X platforms, he can help ensure that developers are able to meet their legal requirements, whilst drawing from his years of experience to help bring their product or service to market.

Call in an expert with first-hand experience as both an adaptive technology vendor and disabled customer to take care of accessibility matters, contact Neil now through LinkedIn or via


The service I received from Neil was outstanding. His knowledge of the products, his absolute willingness to do whatever it took to have a satisfied customer at the end of the day, and his friendly attitude made working with him a pleasure.

Having dealt with a number of adaptive technology vendors in the past, I was amazed at Neil’s level of service. Not only did he do his utmost to help me as an individual, he fought quite a few battles to advance the technology, and fair market practice to help all individuals working with this adaptive software. Even at the end-of-life of one of the software lines, Neil went far beyond what was necessary to assist individuals and help them migrate to new platforms, and even more.

I’ve never received such high quality service from any other software or hardware vendor.