Philanthropic biography

By focusing our efforts as a community, I believe there is a far greater chance of long term sustainable social benefit, Neil Barnfather, change advocate.

In addition to philanthropic work associated with business start-ups and mentoring, Neil has an international reputation and proven record of accomplishment as a respected community advisor and advocate among the sight loss community. Looking to the future, Neil now seeks to expand his influence in support of the disabled community as a whole.

I believe altruism is best served by taking a systemic perspective. Rather than concentrate on helping one little old lady across the street, I prefer to spend my efforts developing a society where anyone, at any time and any place, might reasonably expect there to be a safe way to cross the street. That might be through technological progress, inclusive design or proactive social inclusion and support, Neil Barnfather, accessibility evangelist.

Neil believes the disabled community should take the reins and guide its own evolution towards genuine equality, an actively inclusive society and an accessible future. He feels that the community should remain flexible and make rapid, effective and unbiased decisions in accordance with its community’s needs.

A lasting legacy

As well as asserting ourselves, our needs, our individuality and our thoughts, we must pool our resources, talents and abilities as a community. By working together towards consensus for effective change, the disabled community has the power to represent its own interests within the wider society, Neil Barnfather, disabled community spokesperson.

He looks forward to a time when all those with whom the disabled interact have a clear and defined message concerning all aspects of disability, from rights to education, health reform to welfare, employment to societal integration.

With strong, clear presentation skills, a commanding manner and unbridled passion for the cause, Neil is always ready to stand up on behalf of the disabled community. His strategic thinking and problem solving capabilities, coupled with a thorough comprehension of community issues and policies, make him a highly effective community advocate.

Picture of Neil meeting Esther McVey, along with Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

With many years’ experience as an active respondent across a network of global discussion and help forums, Neil is well-known and well-respected within the international sight loss community. Now, Neil seeks to deliver a lasting legacy within the wider disabled community; a world where each and every individual has an active role in influencing their own future.

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