Mentoring and start-up consultation

It is the challenge and responsibility of driving a business to succeed that motivates me, Neil Barnfather, start-up champion.

Are you about to embark on a new business venture? Do you need to balance a minimal budget while ensuring operational success? Have you a great idea for a new product but little idea of how to get it to market? Are you tussling with vast amounts of new information on market access, IT infrastructure, web accessibility, and accounting? Are you wondering whether to hire or not?

Get it right from the start

It’s my money, I just need to work out how to get it out of your wallet, Neil Barnfather, business mentor.

A hard-nosed mantra perhaps, but one Neil uses to encourage young entrepreneurs and business start-ups to recognise that, with a quality product or service and the right attitude, anyone has the right to expect to make a living from hard work. Fundamentally, good business is all about the bottom line and Neil’s ability to spot issues that might otherwise prevent a new business from succeeding prevents potential disasters before they occur.

  • Start-up strategy
  • Business management, operations and planning
  • Product, process and market tactics
  • IT strategies and technology
  • Gaining confidence in business

Neil is passionate about helping new businesses succeed. His own experiences qualify him to deliver credible advice and his flair for communication means that advice is delivered in plain language. He has worked with the StartUp Britain Campaign and was a judge on the ‘Scholarship Den’ at Youth Enterprise Live 2012. Neil will work with you to develop a coherent and sustainable new business strategy. Anyone seeking the benefits of a start-up champion or business mentor is encouraged to contact him directly.

There is no need to spread yourself thin attempting to become an expert on everything all at once. It is a great deal more efficient to ask for advice and learn from an expert. Why not make it easier and get things right from the start. Contact Neil directly through , LinkedIn or via Non-Executive Directors, Outside Directors or The Consultant Hub.


Neil was an inspiring mentor on our bus at Warwickshire College and at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College where he had the students spellbound by his words of wisdom about how to set up a business. His cheerful character lifted their spirits while delivering real advice that gave them food for thought. His passion and enthusiasm shone through and was infectious. When can you hop onto our bus again soon Neil?