Business and enterprise consultancy

Experience is exactly that, something you acquire through practice, more practice and further practice still, Neil Barnfather, business consultant.

Is your business seeking a fresh perspective, founded in experience across a diverse range of businesses and organisations? Are you seeking effective strategic guidance towards greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs? Do you wish to position your business more firmly within the marketplace, enabling it to thrive now and into the future?

Access a fresh perspective and minority representation

In addition to his own knowledge and expertise, Neil can access the specialised skills of a talented pool of individuals from his global business network of IT, business-process, marketing and product experts.

  • Board facilitation with minority representation
  • Audit and Assurance Committee facilitation
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Business growth and change management
  • Digital transformation
  • Accessibility compliance

If you would like Neil to support your board or audit your existing new business strategy, process, approach and tactics to see where you’re going right and where you could improve things, you are encouraged to contact him directly through , LinkedIn or via Non-Executive Directors, Outside Directors or The Consultant Hub.


It is my pleasure to recommend Neil Barnfather for his achievements as a business entrepreneur.

I have known Neil for over two years in my capacity as CEO of Academy of Vocational and Professional Training. Neil has worked with me on two projects, ACEE, which is dedicated to bringing soft-skill training (via e-learning) to the vulnerable and disadvantaged throughout our communities, and The Scholarship Den, a Scholarship funding for young entrepreneurs who want to excel in their field launched at the first ever Youth Enterprise Live Exhibition at Earls Court (Neil was also one of the judges).

What distinguished Neil is his ability to think outside the box. He is consistent, clear and is intellectually rational, with effective reasoning skills to help get to the heart of the matter.

I have found Neil to be an extremely positive asset to our programs and a true friend.